We Are A Competitive Monitoring Agency

Competitive monitoring team analyzing data.

When it comes down to it Competitive Intelligence usually consists of long analytical reports. It's not a fast moving industry. It's research heavy and rarely action oriented.

At G2 we saw a need for a service that helped teams moving at a quicker pace.

Competitive monitoring has to happen fast.

Modern marketing isn't measured in months, it's measured in hours. Whether you're selling online or fighting for share of voice, you need to know your competitor's moves the moment they happen.

That's what we strive for at G2.

Competitive snapshot from a website with a dark color scheme.Instead of delivering a report at the end of every month, quarter or year, we deliver daily alerts on the most pertinent activity in the industry.

That sounds simple, but it's a huge challenge.

If you want a full 360° view of your competition you need to check hundreds of pages every day for changes. You also need to ingest data from various data feeds, news sources, and search engines. It's a massive task and typically is the job of a full-time analyst.

Blue gradient with a connected web of logos representing different data sources.

We've established a system for streamlining this process. We can comb through a large volume of data more efficiently and effectively than a standard analyst. It's a combination of well-trained curators and automation that enables us to find signal in the noise. It works well and we've built a service that our clients love.

So, we are a Competitive Intelligence agency... but when it comes down to it, we're a monitoring service. It may not be as glamorous, but we find this is how we can make the biggest impact on our client's day-to-day.

Is your team ready for competitive monitoring?

Tell us a bit about your organization and your needs. We'll get back to you shortly and schedule time for a call.

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