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Blue, green and purple themed dashboard with social media and sales data

Take your reporting up a notch with visually stunning and highly actionable excel dashboards.

 We push the limits of Excel dashboard design.

Orange themed double pie chart showing conversion rate over two monthsVisual design is an important part of every analyst's job. You need to build reports and templates that keep your audience's attention and communicate insights in a way that anyone can understand.

Your Excel dashboards are being seen by everyone in your organization. Most of those people will not have an analytical background. That means you can't just throw a handful of KPIs on a screen with a couple of data tables and hope they understand what it all means.

Great design is just as important for dashboards as it is for your website, powerpoints, pitch decks or blog posts.


Photo of Joshua Cottrell SchloemerAll Excel projects are handled by Josh Cottrell. Josh has built dashboards, command centers, and social intelligence screens for some of the biggest brands in the world including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Lego and Gatorade. He also co-founded and served as Director of Product & Marketing at the comp intel startup MarketSpace which was acquired in 2016.


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Bright green dashboard with several charts that break down performance by KPI
A dashboard with each section in a different color. A pie chart in blue in the upper left. A Red KPI scorecard in the center and a horizontal bar chart on the right.
A bronze colored dashboard with four charts including a line chart, bar chart and horizontal bar with 2 data series.
Dark red dashboard on a dark background.
A snapshot of the elements that come with the Excel dashboard toolkit.
Blue line chart with a table on a dark themed background