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Keep your team informed with new competitive insights every day

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Automation + Human Intelligence

Our system checks 1000s of pages, posts and events that are most relevant to your brand. That data is then streamlined to allow curators to quickly and efficiently pull the most relevant insights. That includes price alerts, positioning updates, marketing strategy changes, news mentions, social trends and more. We tailor results to your needs and offer the flexibility to adapt to your optimal frequency, type, and source of alerts.

You get the results of a team of analysts with none of the risk or the overhead of making a full-time hire.

Our Story

In 2014 Josh Cottrell co-founded the comp intel and media monitoring startup MarketSpace Inc. He served as the Director of Product & Marketing until the company was acquired in 2016. He then worked with the acquirer developing command centers and social intelligence platforms for their clients including Apple, Lego, Gatorade, and many others. Since then Josh has offered consulting services for teams at Microsoft along with various brands in the sleep tech industry.

Josh works closely with all clients to establish a competitive strategy and serves as the main point of contact for competitive alerts.

How our competitive services work

Your first step as a client is easy. Simply send us 4-8 competitors and within 5 business days you'll start receiving actionable insights in Slack, email, or any other team messaging service.

We can tell you when the competition changes pricing on their website, posts a new product, announces a giveaway on social media, gets blog coverage or kicks off a new AB test and virtually anything else that is posted to the web.

Snaphot of a website change with alert text. But, it's our internal process that many people find most interesting.

As soon as we receive your competitor list we set up tracking on their websites, social profiles, review sites and more. This often translates to 500+ pages that are checked daily for you and your competitors. We also set up news alerts, web mention tracking and can even look for case-specific activity like SEC/Patent filings, legal listings, RSS feeds, etc.

Everything is piped into our analysis engine where we see a timeline of events for the day/week/month. Our analysts can quickly spot notable activity, compare it to your brands historic activity, and push the data through to our Head Analyst who reviews and posts every single insight for your team.

Sample alerts:

White color scheme with picture of sneakers showing their price change.
Text and image from a Tweet.
Text on a white background with snapshot of soldier.
Snapshots from a website with a dark color scheme.

Why choose Cottrell Consulting?

We like to describe ourselves as the better alternative to hiring an in-house analyst or freelancer.

There's none of the risk (cancel whenever you'd like), none of the overhead, no HR headaches, and you get a service previously reserved for companies that could afford to hire a full-time senior analyst.

But we're not just focused on cost and convenience.

We bring a dynamic and actionable approach to competitive insights. We don't just get to know your industry and market space, we get to know your team. We figure out exactly what what will enable them to do their job better and we consistently deliver it.

We also know what it takes to make competitive intelligence part of an organization's culture. We understand that adoption is just as important as content. We're here to help you get your team onboard and will support them as they integrate competitive awareness into their workflow.

What our clients say

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Head of Growth, 8innovate

"Josh's competitive notifications on our Slack channel are the first thing our marketing team reads every morning."

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CEO and Founder, MarketSpace

“Josh has added a ton of value across our operations."

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CEO and Founder, Imageblock

“Josh's ability to adapt effortlessly to new technology, new challenges and the needs of a business are humbling."

Next Steps...

Please feel free to get in touch and tell us a little bit about your competitive intelligence needs. We'd be happy to scope your project and send over a quote.

NOTE: due to a recent spike in referrals, we only have room to take on 1 new client at this time. Before reaching out please be aware that projects typically run between $3k/mo - $30k+/mo depending on client needs.