Competitive Intelligence Services

Keep your team engaged with the competition via actionable competitive alerts delivered to Slack or Email.

Monitoring & analysis includes: price & product alerts, website changes, reviews, news cycles, AB test alerts, social activity & virtually anything related to your competition's web presence.

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Google Data Studio Consulting

Whether you need a stunning custom report created or you need a partner to manage your agency's entire Google Data Studio workflow, we can help.

Specialties: combining multiple data sources and pushing the limits of GDS visual design.

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It all comes down to awareness

Your team needs to know how they're performing on every platform. Whether it's seeing your social media activity alongside your Google Analytics conversions, or seeing if a competitor is marketing on a platform you've never even considered.

We can help you stitch all your data sources together into a narrative. We use Data Studio to tell a visual story that your team will  be excited to check every day.

We keep your team engaged by presenting your owned data via powerful dashboards and command centers on Google Data Studio. We solve your data silo issues and combine data from every tool you're using.

We also inspire and inform your team with powerful competitive insights. Our curators check thousands of web pages a day relating to your industry and your competition. An analyst picks out the most meaningful insights and writes custom insights that are then shared with your team on Slack, or emailed directly to you.

Brightly colored dashbaord with social data, analytics, search and youtube.

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Due to a recent increase in referrals, we only have room to take on one more competitive intelligence client at this time. Before reaching out please note that budgets typically run between $3k/mo-$30k+/mo depending on client needs.

We have plenty of spots open for Google Data Studio clients, and dashboards typically run between $500-$10k depending on the volume of work, complexity of design & data types. Fully integrated marketing dashboard with performance metrics from multiple data sources are the most expensive and will require ongoing maintenance contracts.